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As you read this short page, you won’t believe how little effort is needed to learn an entirely new way to make desserts that up until now was known to only a handful of Asian people.

Dear  Dessert-Craze Friend,
From The Kitchen Of Nora M

I just couldn’t believe it that I finally put this huge thing together!   Due to friends’ persistent requests,  I have now made it accessible for you to learn the secrets of making kuihs, that age-old super yummylicious Malay desserts, which will enhance your cooking and eating experience.  Just look at these!

A Variety of Colourful Malay Kuih

It started with pressure from friends who always wanted to know what goes into these gorgeous kuihs, as we Malays call it, and constantly begged me to translate recipes for them.   You see  most of these recipes are not in English.   Then it occurred to me how many people would benefit if I were to share these age-old traditional recipes which I grew up with and introduce to the world.

Recipes are  as free as air  on the internet but if there is one thing we all agree on, it is this – you cannot find anywhere where 101 recipes of sweet and savoury Malay recipes come together, all explained to you in simple and step-by-step instructions and with colorful pictures.

Can you see yourself making and eating these pretty things?

If you would like to savour these goodies, allow me to send you five of the recipes FREE.  They do look good you must agree.  But do not think that they are difficult to make.  Make sure you fill up the form below.

Free Malay Kuih Kueh Recipes

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Now that brings us to universal classifications…one of which is YOU.  Which category do you fall into:
Category A:  You have no ideas what these kuihs are but you want to sink your teeth into them right away and you will kill to find out how.

Category B : You know what they are, you just didn’t know where to get the mouth-watering recipes and how to make them.

This is going to be what you are looking for.

The great thing is it really doesn’t matter which category you fall in, you will easily learn to make these kuihs at your own time, in your own home, from a wide selection of choices.   Imagine these:

·    How impressed and delighted your family and friends will be with your newly found recipes

·    How your life will be enhanced with your new culinary skill and knowledge of exotic and elusive Asian dessert

·    You can  create visually attractive kuihs for high tea sessions for your guests and neighbours and a chance to flaunt your new style

·    You will satisfy that sweet tooth by biting into those chewy sweet desserts

·    How your body and heart will be warmed by piping hot sweet broth

·    Munching on crispy home made spicy snacks

One ecookbook 101 recipes, saves you time hunting  

·    Great ideas for potluck except yours will become a talking point

·    Alternative choices for breakfast, light  lunch and dinner, any seasons, all seasons

·    Become overnight Asian culinary success!

In my Traditional Kuih Recipe eCookbook,  you will get:

*   101 sweet and savoury recipes

*    A description for each recipe

*    Colorful pictures for many of the recipes

*    Characteristics of Malay kuihs

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Traditional Malay Kuih Recipes Ebook

In this cookbook,  you will have not just sweet choices but savoury as well.  You have a choice of making:

sweet chewy kuihs
to  crunchy snacks
to savoury kuihs
to hot bowl of broth  


I'm truly amazed to find this very comprehensive book on Malay kuihs - all 101 recipes!  The steps are extremely easy to follow.  I like the fact that the book comes complete with mouth watering pictures of the desserts that I will be making to "wow" my guests for my next party!

Evelyn Lim

Who Else Wants to Discover and Experience The Flavours of a World Tucked Away  In The Malay Villages?

You are salivating, I can tell.

If you live in the West, imagine your pride in acquiring the skills and knowledge of  making desserts from the exotic East.  Until recently, these recipes are practically elusive due to language barrier, they are now available in English with explanation of what they are.

If you already know about our mouth-watering Malay kuihs, you are probably away from home and nobody sells these things in your neighbourhood or in the mall.

You no longer can just dream about them.

In this 101 Traditional Kuih Recipe ebook, you will be guided step-by-step and all the  ingredients are easily available in any Asian supermarkets in any parts of the world.    You will also learn about the rich history and characteristics of the Malay kuihs and desserts.

I have painstakingly translated the kuih recipes from Malay to English, just to fulfil a  gap in the market place and I hope somewhere along the way, people outside the community  can savour recipes of our age-old rich culinary secrets and tradition.

You already know how hard it is to impress your family, friends, neighbours and of course your mother-in-law with new food ideas.  And if you are reading this, you are probably hopeful you will discover something new and then surprise everyone!

Good news is,  finally someone will show you the way through this eCookbook how you will eliminate same old boring ideas for entertainment and enhance your eating experience.

If you can follow simple instructions, then  there is no reason why you cannot do this.   And it is so easy to get started.  I know some people will make a living out of making these kuihs.

But wait, there’s more.

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600 recipes

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Best Wishes

Nora M

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